Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Brain Damage" E.P. out now

"Another Social Disease--or ASD for short--include former members of early '00s hardcore thrash merchants Down In Flames but their new band goes straight for a late 80s crossover NYHC sound, Leeway in particular. A cleanly-executed sound with meat-cleaver guitar riffs and searing leads, punchy bass and drums and vocals from Sean that sound like he's channeling Lou from Sick of It All, although he starts things off with some nasty gutteral pukes for "Heroin." I'd imagine most of the guys in this band were too young to have experienced these bands during that period but they have the sound down pat. The kick drum is a little too prominent in the mix but, otherwise, there's little else to complain about. Fast and heavy--this could have been on Combat or Profile back in the day." - (Al Quint) SUBURBAN VOICE

"ASD hail from New Jersey and really do a great job of capturing some of the NYHC / Crossover sound. These guys play old-school hardcore that reminds me a lot of VERBAL ABUSE and perhaps even some LETHAL AGGRESSION. They ride that 80’s hardcore vibe as it was maybe just before or just as bands were starting t
o add a little metal. It’s there but this is not full blown crossover, they still have their feet firmly planted in hardcore punk. The production is solid and the album sounds thick and raw managing to retain a lot of the energy this band possess. There is no lyric sheet (or really any info for that matter) but they seem to protest typical punk topics like cops and hard drug abuse. From the pictures on the back cover these dudes look a bit older and I think that’s what makes this record come across as being so genuine. This isn’t a bunch of kids setting out to be another generic retro hardcore band. These dudes are the real deal." (Josh Mosh) - PROFANE EXISTENCE  

"I took one look at the live photos of these dudes on the back cover and thought to myslef, " I really hope this sounds like mid-to-late '80s NYHC crossover shit" and thats exactly what I got. Fast, face-ripping, thrashing metallic hardcore that completely splits the line between hardcore and metal without being one fucking bit of "metalcore", with a total Just look around-era Lou Koehler vocals. This is perfect... well... crossover of the New York variety, none of that less inteeresting Cali-thrash-ness to muck it up."  - (JU) MAXIMUM ROCK N' ROLL 


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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


12/12/12 @ Cloud City Philadelphia, PA
Humungus, ASD, Rubbish

12/15/12 @ JRs Bar, 22nd and Passyunk in Philadelphia, PA
Rodent Lord, Walk The Plank, ASD, False Idols

12/22/12 @ The Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ
The Business (England), F-Bombers, Steel Toe Solution, ASD

2/16/13 - Ratmilk Collective in K
utztown pa, 

Urban Waste, Rodent Lord, ASD